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  • Iconic Communication uses its vast employment experience working with veterans to identify their strengths and experience, and to position those attributes and characteristics. We help veterans translate and apply their current military skills, training, and education to the current job market.

    Iconic Communication also works with employers in this transition so employee and employer have the tools to grasp job duties and descriptions, and find the correct job fit. Application of these tools will decrease attrition rate and provide employment stability.

    For employers interested in a geographically flexible workforce, 68% of surveyed veterans said they would relocate for a job, many veterans are used to periodic military moves. In comparison, less than half (43%) of U.S. job seekers said they would relocate for a job. Of veterans willing to relocate, over half (53%) of those surveyed said they would relocate anywhere in the U.S. This trait is a significant benefit to employers looking at recruiting veteran talent, in providing a flexible and mobile workforce.

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