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    Iconic Communications offer Small Cells Solutions as a part of our comprehensive network deployment approach. Small Cells are often the ideal solution to fill voids in coverage or capacity with the wireless carriers’ macro networks. Employ Small Cells to maximize customer experience in voice and data capacity within stadiums, amusement parks, and educational institutions.

    This solution has become more popular of late due to its more discreet node placement over tall prominent towers. Small cells are often attached to sign posts and streetlights. They increase network coverage and capacity. Additional benefits of Small Cell Solutions (SCS) is their ability to be employed in stadiums and theme parks. Even though the range of SCS is smaller than the traditional cell tower, multiple nodes can be connected to provide more capacity in the area. This means that denser areas accommodate SCS better, because faster connections can be made versus single towers which are often unable to manage a large number of instantaneous connections.


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