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    5g Solutions

    You can’t predict the future. And you can’t ignore its possibilities. The next major network revolution isn’t here yet, but it is in the works. 5G technology is expected to completely change the wireless network landscape, by increasing speeds by at least 10x.

    The demand for bandwidth is growing at unstoppable rates. Consumers need faster data transmission and connectivity wherever they go. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to gain new devices every day, infrastructure continues to be developed, and maintaining control of remote programming and devices becomes ever more vital to operations.

    5G development is focused on latency (the amount of time that is needed to transmit data – whether performing these transmissions door-to-door or globally). Telecommunications needs to be primed to take on this new high-speed unified network. New front-end and back-end solutions are already in development. Iconic Communications is preparing to offer 5G solutions as a network deployment approach. Don’t get left behind. Stay ahead of your telecom competition.


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