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    Maybe you have your team, but lack the fundamental technical expertise. If your project is at a standstill due to the lack of a feasible and technical solution, look no further. Our talent network has access to skilled individuals who have a wealth of knowledge to help you complete your telecom designs and projects. Think scheduling, budgeting, functionality, and sustainability, to name a few.

    Construction & Delivery

    Beyond needing the right skilled professionals to help manage your projects, you also need delivery to go smoothly. Partner with us during the construction and delivery phases of your project. Start strong and maintain that momentum with Iconic Communications – and your project will reach its successful on-time conclusion.

    Tower Erection

    In regions across the country the country. Iconic Communications has assembled skilled team of technicians to perform complete tower construction projects within a variety of timetables – both long-term and rush projects.

    Build to Suit

    Our teams can be deployed for build-to-suit projects – providing your customers with exactly what is needed. This helps eliminate excessive costs and waste.

    Our Professional Services

    • Tiger Teams
    • Network Design
    • Project Management
    • Construction Management
    • Engineering
    • Construction and Delivery
    • Site Acquisition
    • Tower Erection
    • Tower Inspecting & Maintenance
    • RF Optimization
    • Monitoring
    • Upgrades
    • Commissioning
    • Decommissioning
    • Build to Suit


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