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    Leading telecommunications company responsible for the management of six fiber optic networks. These networks facilitated internet, voice, and video services for two counties. Two more networks consisting of over 300 miles of cable needed to be built and connected to existing lines. With a short deadline and limited crew members available to complete the project, the company was worried about losing the contract. Partnering with Iconic Communications allowed the company to successfully complete the project on time and on budget.


    Iconic Communications teamed with a leading telecommunications company located in the Northeast. They were under an immense timetable and budget crunch to assemble a team to complete and connect two fiber optic networks. The appropriate site had been acquired and initial plans had been made. But actual construction was nowhere near beginning. And it was all due to a lack of manpower. They simply did not have the personnel available to pull from and still maintain other operations. The company was concerned that they might have to cancel the contract – and take not only a hit to their bottom dollar but also to their reputation.
    Additional concerns with the project were that the fiber optic construction was not just on flat, easily accessible land. Instead, the cables had to be run near water sources and mountainous regions. These varying installation dynamics meant assembling a crew that had specific skillsets.


    Enter Iconic Communications. The telecommunications company had previously worked with Iconic Talent – their sister talent management resource – to post a number of open technician positions they had. The firm had successfully provided them with excellent temporary candidates that were actually still employed with the company, as they were offered full-time positions. But the company needed a complete team to take on the two new cable networks. They sought out the services offered by Iconic’s sister company, Iconic Communication. The Professional Services Division was able to assemble a complete crew. From equipment operators, to a foreman, construction managers, to tower technicians, every necessary member of the project team was found – with qualifications to spare.


    The telecommunications company completed the fiber optic cabling project and was able to acquire two more projects within the next two years. Excellent service offerings, customized teams, and budget considerations were all part of the positive experience Iconic Communications provided. Engineer in charge of the project reiterated that, “Iconic Communications offers unbeatable pricing and unparalleled construction staffing services.”


    The telecom company plans to utilize the services of Iconic Communications in the near future. This project was a complete success because of the partnership developed between client and company. It made the entire process seem like a seamless endeavor – all while deadlines, budgets, and client status updates were maintained.

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