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    Data Protection Based on ISO 27001 Principles

    Being a trusted business partner for many, we protect the interests of our clients and their customers through the ability to deliver to exacting security standards according to the International Standard for Information Management Systems ISO 27001:2013. Committed to the delivery of quality services and high secure customer service, we at ICONIC COMMUNICATIONS offer a documented commitment to quality performance and process improvement within our Quality Assurance Program.

    At ICONIC COMMUNICATIONS, we maintain a strong foundation of repeatable, standard information security management processes and methods that we will leverage and tailor for each professional service offering, following Quality Control Plans (QCP) to successfully execute contracts and task orders. As a telecommunications installation and optimization service facilitator, we employ information technology (IT) while offering web-based logistics, network, and project services and solutions.

    To provide the “most secure practices”
    based on ISO 27001 principles

    Our goal is to provide the “most secure practices” based on ISO 27001 principles, the international standard for Information Security Management. Within the highest security standards, we strive to enhance our employee staff security through a comprehensive set of information security procedures, throughout all our operations in North America. We are also focused on continuously improving our information security management system.

    We conduct a Security Hazard Analysis for every new professional services contract we accept, to ensure compliance with client requirements and with our statutory/regulatory obligations.

    Our services and solutions include a comprehensive project analysis process. We objectively manage all aspects of a project from team members, to equipment, to logistics, to budget. Additionally, we can scale our resources to any specific project size and scope.

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