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  • Projects go nowhere

    without a focus on safety

    Matching the right team to your project means finding skilled individuals who value a job well done, their own safety, as well as the safety of those around them. This is why at Iconic Communications, we safety is a core value behind every project team we assemble. Candidates holding safety certifications, and those who have completed specific trainings are highly valued for project placement.

    What this means for you: Only expect and rely on us to provide safety-conscious crew members for your projects. Here are a few of the certifications we value in our candidates that we place: First Aid, CPR, and OSHA; CTNS: Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist; RF Safety Awareness; Gravitec/ComTrain Authorized Climbing and Rescue; Standard Fall Protection Training courses; NARTE Telecommunications Engineer; NRS II: Nokia Network Routing Specialist II; Authorized Climber; Competent Rigger 1; RCDD: Registered Communications Distribution Designer; and IPEP: Internet Protocol Engineering Professional.

    Honesty really is the best policy

    We’re never satisfied just getting by. When providing clients with qualified candidates for site acquisitions to forming experienced teams for tower maintenance or upgrading, we don’t just work with clients, we partner with them – so our attention to detail helps achieve them success after success.

    Our core values are also
    more than a page filler on our website

    Anyone can write up great sounding core values and plaster them all over a website. Iconic Communications could have gone this easy way out. But we take our job seriously, and we know you do too. Publicizing our way of business offers you vital transparency. We hold ourselves accountable for these values. Trust is a critical component in this industry. Understand that we stand by these principles, so you can focus your attention on other critical matters.

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